Lease Purchase (Rent to Own) Jacksonville

Sold Lease Purchase home in Julington Creek Jacksonville FL

Lease Purchase works!  We recently sold this beautiful home in Julington Creek as a Lease Purchase.

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Lease Purchase Specialists

Bloom Realty’s Rent to Own Purchase system gives sellers what they need:

Qualified Tenant Buyers!  Yes, you heard right...

In today’s market where lenders are making it harder for buyers to qualify for loans; sellers need a creative effective way which works to sell homes!   A properly structured Lease Option Purchase is a proven way to create a win-win situation for everyone!  Bloom Realty is the expert in Lease Option Purchases, so if your conventional listing isn’t going anywhere, we invite you to learn the truth about how a Lease Option Purchase benefits you.  Learn more about Rent to Own

"Before Brenda showed me, I had no idea what the term lease-purchase even meant. The more she helped me understand it, the more I realized it was a great option for me. The process was simple and clearly laid out in front of me. In 3 weeks we had 5 applications and narrowed the offers down to 2 applicants. We closed with a great candidate 4 weeks after the sign went in the yard!"

Rita & Charles L., Southside
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