Rent to Own & Rent to Sell - Benefits

Why Use a Lease Option to Sell Your Home?
  • It works!  We speak from experience. On average 83% of our tenant-buyers get a mortgage within 1-2 years..
  • We can get a top sales price for your home: Competition is stiff for Rent to Own homes and they often sell at full market value or above.
  • Debt Relief! How much longer can you continue making mortgage payments on a vacant house? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else made your mortgage payments for you? You can start collecting rent instead of bleeding out cash on your vacant property.
  • Would you like to move on with your life, and need to move fast?  Lease Option buyers are ready to move in quickly.
  • The tenant buyer can handle all repairs on the home,  there are no landlord headaches to deal with, and they also buy properties "as is".
  • No upfront out of pocket expenses from the seller. Our tenant buyer placement fee is paid from the upfront option money provided by the tenant buyers and we ONLY place tenant buyers that you approve.
  • Save money on closing costs: You only pay a reduced commission when the home closes, and if the tenant buyer doesn’t purchase your property you don’t own us anything. You only pay if our tenant buyer performs; we like getting paid in full and that's why we only bring you the best tenant buyers whom we feel confident can close as quickly as possible!
  • You can still advertise the home yourself. If you find a tenant or a buyer before we do, you won’t owe us anything! You are under no obligation. So go ahead and keep advertising the property yourself if you’d like too!
  • We partner with Realtors. If your property is already listed, we can still market your property to our Lease Purchase buyers. Don’t cancel your listing. Give us a call or have your Realtor call us we are happy to explain how we partner with other agents to find you a tenant buyer right away.
  • We already have buyers who are very interested in homes in your neighborhood. We maintain a large database of buyers who are looking for Rent to Own properties.
  • Leverage strong demand for Rent to Own homes. Our potential buyers list is growing daily.
  • Our Tenant Buyers enrolled in our Rent to Buy program have an ownership mentality.  These Tenant Buyers take care of the property better than regular tenants,because they are serious in buying the home. They pay on time, take care of all repairs, and won’t call you to fix a clogged toilet late at night.
  • We carefully pre-screen all our applicants for you. We run a complete background check, call all their references and previous landlords, verify paychecks and employment, etc. Our mortgage broker reviews all our buyers applications and tells us if he thinks they will be able to get a mortgage in 12-24 months or less. If they can’t, they are not accepted into our program.
  • Our Tenant Buyers work closely with our Mortgage Broker on our Rent to Buy - Path to Ownership Program. During the Lease Purchase period our future buyers are working to improve credit scores in order to obtain the best terms with FHA and/or conventional financing options. We don’t just put a tenant-buyer in your house, forget about them and walk away. We actually work with the tenant buyers and hold their hands throughout the Lease Purchase period to help them repair their credit and get permanent financing to close on your property as soon as possible.
  • You retain all the great tax benefit of ownership till closing. You keep all your tax deductions and then some – mortgage interest, property taxes, and depreciation. (Consult your  tax accountant for professional advice.)
  • Bottom line – Our Rent to Sell Program is the best way to sell your home for top dollar in today’s market hands down.

At Bloom Realty, we believe we're able to go beyond listing and selling real estate, to creating real opportunity to make a difference.  Our Lease Option Purchase program... Read more

"I always thought there was only one way to sell a house, and if that didn't work, I knew what came next, short sale of foreclosure. Joi helped me realize that I needed to broaden my view of how to sell a home and look at more creative options. Our neighbors who had their houses on the market had them listed for 6 months or more. We found a buyer who would do a lease-purchase program in 2 weeks. We didn't waste another day listing our house. I'm no longer a skeptic."

Mike & Sherri L., San Jose
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