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Are you aware that current bank lending policies automatically disqualify more than 70% of the buyers in the marketplace who were qualified for a mortgage just 12-18 months ago. This has created a huge pool of potential buyers who need alternatives to conventional bank financing to obtain their dream of home ownership.
If a conventional listing is not attracting the offers you want, please get in touch with us.  We can find a willing and ready buyer to make a  Rent to Own, or "Lease Purchase" offer on your home . Most tenant buyers can close within 12-24 months. However, many of the buyers enrolled in our Rent to Buy-Path to Ownership Program can close even sooner. 
Just about every seller we talk to would rather sell their home than rent it. But in today's market, the probability of a quick sale to get you out from under those payments may simply not be happening.   A standard rental is an option, however if you rent to someone who isn't committed to your home, than you can't be sure you'll get your property back in the same condition you left it, with our Rent to Sell Program tenant buyers often improve the property before they purchase. 
Bloom Realty is among the 2% of Realtor's nationwide who are experts in Lease Options and/or Lease Purchase transactions also known as Rent to Own. A well structured Rent to Own transaction is one of the most effective ways to sell homes for top dollar quickly in todays tough market. Allow us the opportunity to go to work for you to sell your home utilizing our Rent to Sell Program
  • Our Rent to Sell  program utilizes current market conditions to work for you instead of against you, which is why we can get you the best price offers.
  • You risk absolutely nothing by allowing us to market your home to our tenant buyers.  If your property is already listed, you can still Lease Purchase your house. Don't cancel your listing. Have your Realtor call us!  We regularly partner with other agents to find a great tenant buyer for your property.
  • Expand your potential buyer pool sixfold.  If you are currently marketing only to buyers that have loan approval right now, then you are in a very competitive market with very few buyers overall for the amount of listings on the market currently. However, if you expand your marketing efforts to include buyers working toward home ownership who are on the verge of getting a mortgage, your pool of buyers expands by thousands-- if not millions
Our rent to own tenant buyers aren't just looking for somewhere to move -- they are looking to put down roots and  are serious about home ownership. Buyers in our Rent to Buy - Path to Home Ownership program have a reasonable down payment and are evaluated to identify the time frame in which they can obtain financing, participants must also agree to our guidelines to be considered as a candidate for our program

At Bloom Realty, we believe we're able to go beyond listing and selling real estate, to creating real opportunity to make a difference.  Our Lease Option Purchase program... Read more

"Jimmy, thank you so much. After months and months of trying to sell our home the traditional way, you and your Nextage team brought us a buyer in less than two weeks! You’re fulfilling a vital need for both buyers and sellers. I truly appreciate your integrity and dedication to producing a win-win situation for myself and my buyer."

Jeff & Tina S., Westside
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